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Why is it a safe purchase?

Picap, S.L. workers want you to feel comfortable browsing our music content and not having to suffer for your personal data so you can safely buy your favourite music all the time knowing that will never misuse your personal data.

Buying through the Actual Records Distribució website is buying in a safety way.

The website Actual Records Distribució uses SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer) i protocol in the process of data collection and payment. This protocol allows the authentication of the company servers, coding user data and the integrity of the messages sent.

Detecting the use of SSL protocol is as simple as observing the browser address bar; you will see that instead of starting with http starts with https, "s" for sure.


This way:

In both the user and the server, Internet communications will be transmitted in coded form in the momento of payment. So you can trust the information that you send it will be sent as private and will not be manipulated by any server other than the bank.

Compra segura
Payment methods

We offer to our customers 4 ways of payment. You can pay your purchases by debit/credit card, by PayPal, by bank transfer or COD.

Debit/credit card

This payment method is currently the safest on the market, contrary to what is commonly thought; there are different actors involved in ensuring that the buying process will not have any kind of intrusion, forgery or replacement of personal data by unauthorized agents.

  • The use of this payment method is available nationally and internationally.

  • This payment method is valid for all purchase options presented by the website Actual Records Distribució.

  • This payment method only accept secure debit/credit card for internet, they must be activated by your bank.

  • When buying process is done through credit/debit card, our bank certified system by SSL protocol, encrypt the data that will go directly to the bank, and never Picap, SL nor any third party can view the data thus the data can only be decrypted by the bank for payment.

ATTENTION: If the user makes a purchase on the website Actual Records Distribució, SL of different formats simultaneously (physical and digital format) or only digital format (song and/or album), the order can only be served if you pay by credit/debit card and PayPal.

  • With this payment method is possible to make shopping as a gift, that is, to send to a third person.

  • It’s an international safety payment method accepted by Actual Records Distribució despite having a higher cost.

  • In this payment method there is an administration expense of 0,35€ + 3,4% 

Bank transfer
  • In Case of choosing the bank transfer as payment method the order form will show you the bank data with the amount to be paid.

  • In the case of outside EU bank transfers the order form also show SWIFT/BIC code needed for this type of bank transfer.

  • Once Payment is received correctly, and for the indicated amount, we will proceed sending the order.

  • With this payment method is possible to make shopping as a gift, that is, to send to a third person.

COD – Cash on Delivery
  • Payment is made in cash at the time of receiving the order to the delivery address indicated on the order form.

  • This payment method is not suitable for international purchases (outside Spain).

Formes de pagament
Shipping fees

For purchases equal to or greater than 60 Euros, shipping to Spain and Andorra will be free.

For purchases equal to or greater than 200 Euros, shipping will be free worldwide.

For purchases of less than €60, shipping costs to Spain and Andorra will be €6.

For purchases within Europe, shipping charges will be €18.

For international purchases, shipping costs will be €26.

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