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When, in mid-September 1961, the brothers, Josep and Ignasi Espar, Francesc Cabana and I signed the articles of incorporation of the Edigsa company, we were aware that the road ahead would be long and difficult. Everything was against us: a limited market and a subjugated nation, and therefore with all of the political impediments, castrating censorship and prohibitions against public dissemination and publicizing.

But we were young and we had created a group of two hundred friends participating in an adventure in which no profits could be expected, but only personal and economic sacrifice, because though we adopted the form of a public limited company, this was purely to practical and political effects; in reality we were a non-profit organization.

Moreover, we had a sound background in patriotic and political resistance and well knew the shortcomings existing in record production in the Catalan cultural scenario.

At that time we already had a clear idea of what needed to be put out and how to provide effective support to the dissemination of the language and culture of our nation and allow its muffled voice to be heard. Thus we fought for a freer and more just future.

Hence, we had to foster the world of Catalan chanson in all of its facets, for its great potential and repercussion, with a particular emphasis on folk song. And this included all sorts of songs, with a focus on singer-songwriters, always seeking a high level of quality.

We also kept in mind children's needs, with stories and traditional tales, albums with a high educational value, as, for instance, Història de Catalunya amb cançons (History of Catalonia in Songs), the Abecedari musical (Musical ABCs), the use of the Catalan cobla orchestral instruments, and so on.

And another facet that was a must were the words of our poets in their own voices; as well as plays as significant as Ronda de mort a Sinera and La pell de brau.

Nearly half a century later, I believe we can feel proud of a task well done. In this regard, we must express our gratitude to our advisers on literature (Josep Maria Andreu, Jaume Picas and Jordi Sarsanedas) and music (Enric Gispert, Antoni Ros Marbà, Salvador Gratacòs and Salvador Pueyo), and to our graphic artists and photographers (Jordi Fornas, Oriol Maspons, Colita, etc.). Thanks to all of them, we were able to create works of very high quality, well above the standard for the time.

There was, however, one line we took some time to start on. This was due in part to the great difficulty involved in carrying it out, but above all to its enormous financial cost at no returns, since it required orchestral and instrumental recordings with an extremely high budget: the Antologia Històrica de la Música Catalana (Historical Anthology of Catalan Music).

Nonetheless, there came a time when the Edigsa Board decided that we could wait no longer. If the Gran Enciclopèdia (Great Encyclopedia) was being gestated, Catalonia also needed a Historical Anthology of Catalan Music. And so, with the additional, generous assistance of our partners, under the chairmanship of Pau Casals and directed first by Oriol Martorell and thereafter by Salvador Pueyo, this cultural endeavor was undertaken. The result of all of this is the product in CD format you now have in your hands.

Josep Maria Macip i Gich, summer of 2007

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Title ARTIST Price
Full box of: Antologia Històrica de la Música Catalana
Antologia Històrica de la Música Catalana (View discs) ORQUESTRA SIMFÒNICA CATALANA, GREGORI ESTRADA,... 250 €
Pack list 2CD
Frederic Mompou/Música per a piano (View discs) ROSA SABATER/ANTONI BESSES 20 €
Lluís del Milà/P. Antoni Soler (View discs) JEFFREY THOMAS, PAUL HILLIER, LUÍS GASSER... 20 €
Pack list 3CD
Cristòfor Taltabull/Música per a flauta... (View discs) TALTABULL, BERENGUEL, CASANOVES, SOLER,... 24 €
Eduard Toldrà/Frederic Mompou/Salvador Pueyo (View discs) QUARTET SONOR/CARME BUSTAMANTE... 24 €
Ferran Ors/José Luis Lopátegui/Música per a violí (View discs) JOSÉ LUIS LOPÁTEGUI/XAVIER TURULL-ÀNGEL SOLER 24 €
Música instrumental a Montserrat/Narcís... (View discs) ORQUESTRA DE CAMBRA/CAPELLA DE MÚSICA I... 24 €
Orfeó Català/J.A. Clavé/La Renaixença (View discs) LLUÍS MILLET/OBRES CORALS/F. ALIÓ/ENRIC MORERA 24 €
Organistes de Mont./Orgue en el segle XVIII... (View discs) GREGORI ESTRADA/JOSEP ELIES I ... 24 €
Orgues de Mallorca/L'orgue de Maó/L'orgue... (View discs) MONTSERRAT TORRENT 24 €
Primer quintet / Segon quintet / Tercer quintet... (View discs) ANTONI SOLER 24 €
Individual CDs list
Antologia d'Organistes de Montserrat (View songs) ESCOLA MUSICAL ANTIGA / GREGORI ESTRADA: ORGUE 12 €
Cançons (View songs) CARMEN BUSTAMANTE - CARME BRAVO 12 €
Cançons i danses (View songs) ROSA SABATER 12 €
Cinquè quintet / Sisè quintet (AHMC) (View songs) MONT. CERVERA,A.WACHSMUTH,A.VAUQUET,... 12 €
Concert Lluís Millet (View songs) ORFEÓ CATALÀ 12 €
Cristòfor Taltabull i els seus deixebles (View songs) CONJUNT DE CAMBRA, MONTSERRAT... 12 €
Del Romànic al Renaixement (View songs) CONJUNT MUSICA ANTIGA ARS MUSICAE (AHMC) 12 €
Disc commemoratiu 250 aniversari del seu naixement (View songs) MARIA LLUÏSA CORTADA 12 €
El Giravolt de Maig (View songs) ORQUESTRA SIMFÒNICA CATALANA 15 €
Integral dels Opus 31 i 35 (View songs) JOSÉ LUIS LOPÁTEGUI 12 €
L'orgue de Maó (obres del segle XVIII) (View songs) MONTSERRAT TORRENT 12 €
L'Orgue del Vendrell (View songs) MONTSERRAT TORRENT 12 €
La Patum de Berga (View songs) COBLA BARCELONA 12 €
La Renaixença (View songs) CONXITA BADIA - PERE VALLRIBERA 12 €
Lamentació II del dijous sant/Lamentació I del... (View songs) CAPELLA DE MÚSICA I ESCOLANIA DE MONTSERRAT 12 €
Lopátegui interpreta a Llobet, Sors, Tàrrega... (View songs) JOSÉ LUIS LOPÁTEGUI 12 €
Madrigals/Missa pro defunctis (View songs) CORAL SANT JORDI,CAPELLA CLÀSSICA POL. FAD (AHMC) 12 €
Música catalana d'orgue en el segle XVIII (View songs) GREGORI ESTRADA 12 €
Música de cambra (View songs) J.M. MESTRES QUADRENY/J.SOLER/X.BENGUEREL/J.HOMS 12 €
Música Instrumental a Montserrat (View songs) ORQUESTRA DE CAMBRA: DIRECCIÓ ANTONI ROS-MARBÀ 12 €
Música per a flauta (View songs) CONJUNT DE CAMBRA, JEAN PIERRE RAMPAL,... 12 €
Música per a piano (View songs) ANTONI BESSES 12 €
Música per a violí (View songs) XAVIER TURULL - ÀNGEL SOLER 12 €
Obres corals (1824-1874) (View songs) SOCIETAT CORAL JOVENTUT TERRASSENCA 12 €
Obres per a viola de mà sola i cançons (View songs) JEFFREY THOMAS, PAUL HILLIER, LUÍS GASSER 12 €
Orgues de Mallorca (View songs) MONTSERRAT TORRENT: ORGUE 12 €
Polifonia concertant del segle XVIII (View songs) CORAL SANT JORDI I ORQUESTRA DE CAMBRA 12 €
Polifonia medieval a Catalunya (S. XIII i XIV) (View songs) CAPELLA DE MÚSICA DE SANTA MARIA DEL MAR 12 €
Primer quintet / Segon quintet (AHMC) (View songs) A.WACHSMUTH,M.CERVERA,J,JACCOTET,A.VAUQUET (AHMC) 12 €
Quartets de corda (View songs) QUARTET SONOR 12 €
Simfonia Barroca, Quintet,... (View songs) CAMERATA DE FRANCE, QUINTENT DE VENT... 12 €
Tercer quintet / Quart quintet (AHMC) (View songs) A.WACHSMUTH,M.CERVERA,J,JACCOTET,A.VAUQUET (AHMC) 12 €
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