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He was born in Canet de Mar (Barcelona, Spain) and started his musical education at a young age, influenced by the musical atmosphere of his house. He began with his father, Jaume Dotras, until he enrolled as a student in the Conservatori Superior de Música de Barcelona (Barcelona Superior Conservatory of Music). Among his teachers were Carme Undebarrena, Xavier Boliart and Carles Guinovart. He graduated with Títol Superior (Bachelor in Music Degree).He also studied and graduated in engineering but never worked in this field. He started studying classical music when he was very young. At the same time, he learned modern music by practicing in small dance orchestras. Later, he got jazz lessons from Lluís Escuadra, Joan Monné, Lluís Vergés and Javier Juanco.

He has validated his curriculum in the Superior School of Music in Barcelona with the Jazz-Music Degree.

He has played in several formations of this genre and has shared stage with Gorka Benítez, Alfons Carrascosa, Javier Juanco, Rai Ferrer, Jo Krause, Joan Abril, Michael Weiss, Juan Carlos Narzekian , Jorge Sarraute, Carme Canela, etc. He currently plays in several jazz groups (duets, trios, quartets, etc) but specially promotes his own jazz trio, with Toni Pujol (double bass) and César Martínez (drums). It is with this formation that he has recorded Retrospectives (2004), Nit (Night) (2006) and Vincent (2009). The first CD of the trio (Retrospectives), with the collaboration of Basque saxophonist and flautist Gorka Benítez, obtained second place at the PREMIS ENDERROCK-2005. This award was for “the best jazz group revelation”. The second CD (Nit) had the collaboration of Gorka Benítez (saxophone and flute), Juan Carlos Narzekian (saxophone), Joan Abril (guitar) and Xavier Caselles (vocals). The theme “París 99” from the work “Nit” (Night) was included in the CD “Jazz from Catalonia 200
7”. The themes from this CD were compiled by Juan Claudio Cifuentes to promote the Catalan Jazz abroad.

Xavier Dotras has performed in the most outstanding concert halls and auditoriums in Catalonia ( Jamboree, Sala Bikini, Jazz Cava de Vic, Auditori de Barcelona, Auditori de Girona, Auditori del Forum, Auditori de Tarragona, etc….) and in many jazz festivals around Catalonia and Spain. It’s also worth mentioning his performances at “Jazz Club Soho” in London and at “Bath Music Festival” which was broadcasted live by the BBC.

Together with his trio, Xavier Dotras recorded his last work “Vincent” (PICAP) in collaboration with the singer Carme Canela. This work is completely devoted to Vincent van Gogh’s life and work. The group offers an audio-visual show based in the music of his last CD.

Xavier Dotras also spends part of his time teaching music. He gives music lessons in high schools and schools of music. He is also the conductor of Orfeó Misericòrdia de Canet de Mar (choral society) and plays the keyboards at the legendary Catalonian group N’gai-n’gai and the pianist of the Gospel group Gospel Viu!

In addition to Retrospectives, Nit and Vincent, he has recorded the CD “Breakfast in Somalia” with the group Salzburg (as co-author of some of its themes) , Cançons de Canet with several choral groups of his home town and The Gospel X-perience in Symphony whith Gospel group “Gospel viu!”. He has also cooperated on other recordings as a session player.

He usually plays at jam sessions at Sala Mozart, in Calella.