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ALBERT FIBLA-Mocambo i altres contes- Fibla canta Paolo Conte
ALBERT FIBLA-En directe al Barnasants
ALBERT FIBLA-El món es mou
ALBERT FIBLA-El vals de la ingenuïtat

Albert Fibla zooms his lens out and then back in to analyze everything that makes his world tick, using a sharp tongue and perspicacity to speak of human loneliness, isolation and individualism in the 21st century. Without abandoning the plain, clear and personal lyrics of Senzill (2004) and El vals de la ingenuïtat (2006), this singer-songwriter from Badalona offers fourteen new songs with a bittersweet aftertaste but a happy end.

This time, Albert Fibla has joined forces with some of his friends. Gerard Quintana, Litus and Túrnez i Sesé contribute color and rich textures to the track “El món es mou”. Fibla performs “Potser amb una cançó” with the ex-singer of Sopa de Cabra – raw lyrics dressed only with an electric guitar about the historic inequality between men and women. Litus is the guest vocalist on “Balmes 129”, a chronicle of what’s going on at live music bars in Barcelona, where he has so often performed with Albert. Túrnez i Sesé, in their turn, serve as godfathers for the first poem sung by Albert Fibla: “Cançó d’hivern”, by Josep María de Sagarra. Daniel Sesé set the poem to music and recorded the guitar part, while Xavier Túrnez and Albert take care of the vocals.
Recorded between June and October 2007 at the Vapor de Sabadell studio, with the music producer, Valentí Adell, and the sound engineer, Josep Tvrdy, “El món es mou”, (Picap) will be available in shops by early 2008 and will be presented in Barcelona on January 20 at Luz de Gas, as part of the BarnaSants festival. Girona, Andorra, Vilafranca, Badalona, Lleida, Igualada and Reus are other towns where Albert Fibla will take his song.

The promo single for the album is called “Pel seu nom” – pure Albert Fibla.


It wasn’t yesterday that Albert Fibla started singing, although it’s only recently that he’s been able to dedicate himself exclusively to music. After receiving his degree in Journalism and Communication, he performed at different live music bars in Barcelona while working as a journalist until the summer of 2002. Since then he has been making a living solely through his voice and his guitar.

During the course of his career, he has won two editions of the Èxit (Success) contest organized by TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio, namely in 1999 and 2000; was a finalist for the Sona 9 and Rock & Clàssic contest in 2003; has appeared many times singing live on such TV programs as La noche abierta (TVE-2) and La Columna (TV3); and has been collaborating on a radio sports program since the summer of 2001 on the RAC-1 station, where he sings covers, changing the lyrics according to the sports news in question. All in all, it’s his time spent singing in bars that has given him the experience necessary to become who he is.

His songs and music seek simplicity in form and content, creating a soundscape without artifice which has a great deal to do with the guitarist, Josep Traver, who arranges Fibla’s music. Traver worked closely with Fibla on his first album, Senzill, put out by Picap in 2004, where they established a rapport that had the virtue of arraying Albert’s voice in other musical elements to just the right degree, providing a product with great personality, as was the case again in his second album, El vals de la ingenuïtat (Picap, 2005).

Obviously, many of these characteristics reappear in his latest, 2008 album, El món es mou (Picap). On this occasion, Albert Fibla analyzes everything that makes his world tick, a world full of concerns and things to be done.

Welcome to Albert Fibla’s world.