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GEMA 4 & PORT BO-De l'Havana a l'Empordà
GEMA 4-Grandes boleros a capella
GEMA 4-Te voy a dar
GEMA 4-Gemas

Gema 4 was formed in 1991 after an initial idea of three of the actual members, formerly members of "National Chorus of Cuba". From the first times, the aim of the group was the musical rescue of the songs and styles belonging to the Gold Cuban Music epoque: Bolero, Son, Feeling, Guaracha, among others, within the Popular Cuban Music. They also were opened from the first times to interpret other musical styles (Blues, Jazz, Gospel, etc.) The components are graduated by the Cuban Conservatory "Amadeo Roldán"

The "A Capella" work of GEMA 4 is based on the liberty that, the fact of not having instruments, gives to their four components. The voice is the instrument that guides the rhythm, the son and the melody. However, they don't have renounced to use some instruments in their third CD. Gema 4 has acquired some songs from the traditional Cuban music. They include in their repertory guaracha, son, cha-cha-cha, mambos, boleros and songs with a touch of rhythm and blues, jazz and gospel conferring an unmistakable and personal touch.


Several tours through USA, France and Switzerland.
Top places in American music magazines (forth in the specialized "Billboard"), Puerto Rico, Germany and Japan.
Participating in European Jazz festivals. Nominated to critics' prize by the specialized magazine "Le Monde de la Musique".
Playing at events like the Latin "Midem" in France.
"Festival internacional de guitarra de Córdoba"
Vic's " Festival de Musica Viva " in 1994.
Nominated to the 1995 "Vocal Music Prize" in Germany.
"Ethnic music Festival in Corsica", 1995.
"Festival de Jazz de Vitoria" in 1996 (Bilbao tropical section).
Winners in 1997 of the EGREM prize and nominated to the critic's prize during the same year in Cuba.
"Massachusetts Arts Festival" in April 98.


Wim Wender's Buena Vista Social Club (1998), with Compay Segundo, Ibrahim Ferrer, Omara Portuondo, Rubén González and Cachaíto among others.